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Get Extra Security for Your Loved Ones and Assets

People have insurance because they make it a priority to protect their family and assets. Personal umbrella insurance is meant to add extra liability coverage—over and above another poliy—like auto or home insurance. Sherrye LaCour Insurance will explain more about umbrella insurance and what it covers.

What Is Personal Umbrella Insurance?

Your home and auto policies provide a sturdy foundation for your liability coverage. An umbrella policy offers additional coverage that helps protect you from potentially harmful liability claims or judgments. It’s called an “umbrella policy” for a reason. Your umbrella won’t prevent the rain, but it can keep you from getting soaked when it pours. 

What Does an Umbrella Policy Cover?

Typically, a personal umbrella policy (PUP) covers:

Bodily injury

Personal injury

Landlord liability

Property damage

Umbrella policies usually offer at least $1 million in liability protection. When your underlying liability limits have been reached, umbrella coverage will take effect.


What it Doesn’t Cover

An umbrella insurance policy typically doesn’t cover:

X Business losses

X Personal belongings

X Written or oral contracts

X Intentional or criminal acts or omissions

How May a Personal Umbrella Policy Help?

Here are two examples of situations when umbrella insurance can come in handy:

Let’s say you’re found at fault for a car accident that injures someone else, and their medical bills add up to more than your auto liability limits. In this case, a personal umbrella policy would cover the thousands of dollars you’d still owe.

Suppose you’re on vacation, you rent a boat, and it gets damaged in a wreck. Then, you leave a negative review online and get sued for “alleged defamation.” If you’re legally required to pay for damages, an umbrella policy may help cover the additional costs—so you’re not struggling to pay the rest on your own.

Add Extra Peace of Mind to Your Policy

You don’t expect these things to happen to you. But accidents do occur, and having personal umbrella insurance can provide peace of mind, just in case.

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